A reverse proxy stands in front of your data, services, or virtual machines, catching requests from anywhere in the world and carefully checking each one to see if it is allowed.

In order to decide (yes or no) the proxy will look at who and what.

  • Who are you (the…

👋 Hi Cloud Devs!!
Last year I created #13DaysOfGCP mini series on Twitter which you all loved. So, here I compiled 13 more common Google Cloud reference architectures. If you were not able to catch it, or if you missed a few days, here I bring to you the summary!

0: Build on GCP series intro


1: Build a streaming video analytics pipeline using Google Cloud

In a zero trust environment, every device has to earn trust in order to be granted access. …

How important are security key in zero trust?

A security key is a physical device that works alongside your username and password to verify your identity to a site or app. …

Data Science project for sustainable energy

How do you approach the monumental challenge of innovating renewable energy?

During a 13-year project that concluded in 2020, the Makani team took on this challenge using technology inspired by kite surfing. …

Best cheatsheet to answer “What is Dataproc?”

If you are using Hadoop ecosystem and want to make it easier to manage then Dataproc is the tool to checkout.

Dataproc is a managed Spark and Hadoop service that lets you take advantage of open source data tools for batch processing, querying, streaming, and machine learning.

Dataproc automation helps…

What is Zero Trust Identity security?

Autors: Priyanka Vergadia & Max Salonstall

A zero trust network is one in which no person, device, or network enjoys inherent trust. All trust, which allows access to information, must be earned, and the first step of that is demonstrating valid identity. A system needs to know who you are…


Encryption is a process that takes plaintext as input, and transforms it into an output (ciphertext) that reveals little or no information about the plaintext. A public encryption algorithm is used, but execution depends on a key, which is kept secret. …

What is Defense in depth?

Security is one of the great challenges of our time. Imagine being Google as part of serving and protecting eight apps with more than a billion users each. Google filters millions of spam messages a minute, spots thousands of suspicious web pages a day, and delivers almost unimaginable amounts of…

Best cheatsheet to learn GKE

I will be honest GKE have always sounded cool to me but I have not fully grasped its power until a few weeks ago when I used it for a project. I thought it might be useful to create notes for others to take advantage of my research.

Here are my notes from all the research I did to understand GKE

GCP Sketchnote on Google Kubernetes Engine

You can…

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